From the concept to the finished product - one-stop shopping

The family-run Hewitech company was founded by Frank Dirkskötter and Nicole Hewing. It started as a so-called "one-man business" in the field of customised engineering. The company grew continuously over the years. Plastic injection moulding and the development of special processes for the cooling tower installations were soon added. A company-owned twin cooling tower for testing and measuring significantly facilitates further development.

The results are evidenced by our top-performance activities:

Injection moulding and special-purpose mechanical engineering


Injection moulding

The injection-moulded components developed by us are employed in various fields, such as rainwater infiltration, adiabatic cooling systems and the production of splash fills for cooling towers. We pursue continuous innovative development in these areas. Specially developed production processes and continuous testing of new and promising materials in our in-house test facilities guarantee precision and high performance.


Special-purpose mechanical engineering

Ideas and assignments are given a definite shape in the Hewitech CAD design department. The in-house CNC tool-making and special-purpose mechanical engineering allow independence and the shortest possible development and production time for new machinery and plastic components.

Experience and sound knowledge are here also the prerequisites for the best possible results in design and production.



Hewitech relies on decades of experience and the outstanding creativity of its staff.

This again and again results in new and exceptional manufacturing standards.

The pioneering spirit proved itself, for example, in the physical cross-linking of PE piping by means of X-radiation. Sheet extrusion of PE installations for cooling towers using welding technology bears the unmistakable signature of Hewitech. New and special injection moulding processes in combination with a proven jointing method result in a new generation of splash fills for cooling towers. Their performance data have thoroughly convinced experts.

Hewitech supplied components for the roof construction of the Allianz Arena in Munich.